The New Secure DST Distributor Portal

The new Secure Distributor Portal has been built from the ground up in order to revolutionise the way you access DOLR reporting and build a foundation for future capabilities.

One of the biggest changes you will notice today is the way you will log into the Portal, moving away from a shared logon will make your organizations data more secure, using your work email address as your user ID and having your own password to the site.


The rollout has now been completed and access to DOLR has been removed.


  • User Access
    • Individual login
    • Self-service password resetting
  • Reports
    • No change to reporting layouts 
    • Download all new reports in one click
    • Access to multiple recipient groups under one user account
    • Download one or multiple reports
    • Enhanced historic data (increased to 15 months from the current 6)
  • Search
    • Search the full 15 months of report data online
    • combine and filter results on screen
    • export data to csv in existing DOLR formats
  • Audit
    • Full audit of user activities
    • Enhanced support from the DCS team, we can see what you have done and help from that point forward
    • User audits - confirming users still work for your organization
  • Help
    • Help center giving you quicker access to guides and information you require

How do you setup users

In order to setup user access to the new platform please complete the template located here.

Once complete please upload this on the same page and a member of the DCS team will complete this. Your users will then receieve an e-mail to complete enrollment and create their password.